Therapeutic Courses


Therapeutic Yoga is a blend of restorative yoga, gentle yoga, breathwork, hands-on healing, and guided meditation techniques combined in such a way that makes it an excellent choice for those who need a gentle yet effective practice for bringing the body into balance.

n place since 1998, the Therapeutic Yoga Training Program gives yoga teachers the skills to work intelligently with students who are living with chronic illness or injury,


Our comprehensive and highly refined curriculum includes:

•    Physiology of stress and relaxation
•    Anatomy from the yogic perspective
•    Benefits and contraindications of each posture
•    Effect of posture on acupuncture meridians
•    Implications of scar tissue and adhesions
•    Sequencing guidelines for poses
•    Integrating postures with breath work and guided meditation
•    Incorporating hands-on healing techniques


Mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, stress, and insomnia are among the most common reasons for individuals to seek treatment with complementary therapies such as yoga.Therapeutic Yoga encourages one to relax, slow the breath and focus on the present, shifting the balance from the sympathetic nervous system and the flight-or-fight response to the parasympathetic system and the relaxation response.

The latter is calming and restorative; it lowers breathing and heart rate, decreases blood pressure, lowers cortisol levels, and increases blood flow to the intestines and vital organs.

Yoga increases blood flow and levels of hemoglobin and red blood cells which allows for more oxygen to reach the body cells, enhancing their function. Yoga also thins the blood which can decrease the risk of heart attack and stroke, as they are often caused by blood clots.

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