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We are most Experienced

We are Bihar's oldest running yoga training college. We have been the teaching the teachers in the city for over four decades and have graduated over 100 of the cities finest yoga masters.

Leading Knowledge Providers

You will not only leave the program with a new world of knowledge and ability, you will leave with lifelong friendships and a peer group that can support you in your continuing path of yoga.

Working for a Mission

Since many people came to learn yoga only as a solution for their health problems, we emphasizes on teaching yoga as a way of life and to remove obstacles in one’s personality for a better way of living. The simplicity, sincerity and non-commercial angle of The Indian Institute of Yoga caters to householders and offers guidelines of how to manage self and keep up one’s sanity as well as balance in today’s competitive, tension ridden world.

Eminent Founder

Dr. Phulgenda Sinha was born at Patna in the Indian State of Bihar, under rather humble beginnings. He was a disciplined student and easily obtained grades that made him eligible to go to college in Patna on the undergraduate level. Further he successfully studied at the University of Chicago, where he obtained his Masters Degree in Political Science. He later attended American University where he was granted his PhD degree.In the 1970s.