Dr. Phulgenda Sinha, PhD (1924 -2006)


Dr. Phulgenda Sinha was a master teacher of yoga. He was born in a small village named Jabdi in Sitamarhi district of Bihar on October 8, 1924. He started his primary education in the village school but it was interrupted due to multiple events like an early marriage and a job. He returned to education later and completed his high school at the age of 28 years. Thereafter he continued his education and obtained a bachelor’s degree from the Patna University. He went on to acquire a master’s degree in political science from the University of Chicago and PhD from the American University.

It was in Washington during the early 1960s that Dr. Sinha began teaching traditional Hatha Yoga, a practice that he started in his youth. In 1964, he founded the Yoga Institute of Washington and subsequently the Indian Institute of Yoga at Patna in 1969.

He gained international reputation as a vigorous proponent of authentic yoga, stripped of archaic, mystic and religious misconceptions about human body and mind. He dedicated his life to elucidate and propagate the true meaning and value of Yoga and Meditation practices. He announced to the world that the mysticism and superstition rooted in Hinduism had affixed itself to Yoga and meditation to such an extent that the original system of Yoga expounded in the Samkhya Philosophy of the Indian sage Kapila had been lost. He researched and rediscovered three major texts of Yoga Philosophy – The Samkhya Karika of Kapila, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and The Gita of Vyasa – in their original form.

Dr. Sinha developed a new system of self-treatment called Achetan Shakti Chikitsa or Dharana Healing. It is a self-administered procedure for correcting physical ailments and restoring normal health through the power of unconscious. This treatment process can be easily adopted by such patients who are unable to practice Asanas and Pranayamas. He also developed a special technique of meditation called Sabija Dhyana which means meditation with seed(s). The seed signifies basic desires on which the practitioner meditates to achieve fulfilment.

Dr. Sinha authored over twelve books expounding practical and philosophical aspects of Yoga science. His book on yoga therapy titled, “Yogic Cure for Common Diseases” published in 1976 is a bestseller and has been translated into many languages and his work “The Gita As It Was: Rediscovering the Original Bhagavat Gita” is a masterpiece.

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